Privacy in the Brave digital world: Public authorities, brands and consumers


The cube made a study about ”Privacy” crossed with an opinion survey, questioning different generations (GS, BB, X, Y, Z ) about data protection on the internet. With more than 60.000 mentions about ‘Data privacy’ and ‘Data protection’ per month on a worldwide level, it’s a pretty hot topic. European authorities are negotiating with the United States a number of controversial agreements: Privacy Shields, Umbrella protection, Safe Harbor, Judicial redress act… The issue for the European Commission is to protect the consumer without sacrifying digital opportunities. But finally, what about the consumer? Are opinions changing from one generation to another ? Discover some interesting learnings…

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Aurélie Tinel, Business development manager at the cube +32-(0)2 508 17 37

Download the study here

(Study presented on the 28th of April at the Digital SocietySurvival of Belgian Retail)






Privacy on the Internet remains a pretty hot topic. The European Union is negotiating with the United States a certain number of agreements in order to protect access to private data.



3 main actors have been identified: Public authorities, Brands and consumers. The most concerned remains the consumer while brands are keen to know the issue of privacy negotiations and how they can finally use all these private data.




Remember the recent battle of Apple against the FBI where Apple resisted to unlock privacy data to help law enforcement.



Other brands announce encryption to make users’ data more secure.



Google explains the use and processing of personal data.



On the consumer side, we see that generations are getting more and more close. With the emergence of the digital landscape, technological advances are constantly transforming our codes of behaviour. Each generation lives and interiorizes in a different way the experience of a specific era.



the cube realised an opinion survey in order to see if the opinions differ between the different generations. The survey has been conducted with a sample of 1.000 people from the 11th tol the 19th of April 2016.



The survey reveals that the majority of questionned people think that too much personal data is available on the Internet, no matter the generation. It’s interesting to see the opinion of the young generation



The opinion is the same concerning the total protection of private data.



When it comes to sharing personal data with friends or a restricted circle of friends, no significant differences between the different generations are visible.



The opinion remains more or less identic between the different generations.



Generations do not seem to be inclined to share their personal data in exchange of a present.



Contrary to what one might think, the younger generations are as much concerned about privacy issues as the older generations.




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